Monday, November 2, 2009

Miami! We're Here

(View of Miami downtown and Miami Beach in distance from causeway to Key Biscayne...great place to watch clouds and weather patterns)

Well, we've been here for awhile. Not sure where time went, but so have we as we've driven many times around the city, from our home in the county park in southwest part of city, to son Bill's apartment out on Miami Beach, to scuba diving off Key Largo and to several tasty Cuban, Haitian and other latin restaurants in between. It's surprising how great the weather is this time of year. We arrived 2 weeks ago to a real tropical
downpour, and that was about the last day of rain. Since then we've seen humidity and temps remain unseasonably high (88+F) but in the last couple of days, it finally looks like fall temps are returning, and the balance of our stay is moderating.

(Tomatoes for wintertime eastcoast eating in Homestead)

I guess dueling technologies are to blame for this belated update on our travels. We're also on Facebook and it appears quicker to add a line or two and a real time taker to read through all updates listed by friends from around the country than recall events and insights for the blog. In a sense we may be getting to the "Too much information" stage and need to withdraw from the wired/wireless world to regain time and perspective. I also just got a new laptop and have been dealing with the time consuming process of moving files. And, I'm now finding out too late, that many of my favorite programs from the mid 1990s will not operate on the new Win7/64 bit machine. I'm as yet unable to accept this reality. I will continue to look for work arounds and/or new and "free" programs like I've been using, until the inevitable "pay up to play" reality sinks in, and I break down or decide to do without. And that will depend on the $$ as always.

For those looking for information on solar electricity from our recent interview on RV Dream Radio, here's a few links to get you started:, a good overall magazine and website with fundamentals of renewable energy written by and for the homeowner/DIY be it solar PV, thermal, wind, hydro, electric vehicle etc. A couple other sites specifically for RVs are: in Yuma, AZ and in Scottsdale, AZ. For those interested, we have a 4 part series of introductory solar articles we wrote for our RV club magazine a few years ago...if interested drop us an email and we'll send them along.

That's it for now. Happy trails...
Friends Mary and Elaine stopped by for a boomer visit and lunch before heading off on cruise to the Bahamas...Happy cruisin' folks!