Sunday, September 12, 2010

All's well in SoCal still...

(Our first project: an urbanite (broken up concrete) drive extension for parking the rig and staining the entire patio area-a lot more work than originally thought!)
Well, we're still sitting and building out our first bit of homespace after 18 years traveling. It's been surprising to sit this long but it's been mild summer here at Glen Eden near Corona, CA and the price is right. It's also to make up for our carbon kharma from last year's cross country jaunt. Plus, it's fun to build and garden again after so many years.
Below is our 2nd major project, a 40' redwood fence complete with 2 coats of water-based stain! Another project easier designed than built. Engineering, technical and construction help provided by our good friend Mike Nash from Arizona. Plan is to use the fence as support for CA natives and espaliered fruit trees while adding raised beds in front and round the back. Compost pile is working overtime with the over 40 pounds weekly of cafe contributions (vege trimmings from the on grounds restaurant). To date we've processed, composted and diverted over 800 pounds of green waste and made some good organic matter to amend the DG (decomposed granite) "soil". We've also been working with the club to distribute the many years' accumulation of mulch around to the many landscaped areas on grounds.

Nancy continues her routine with the pool every morning as she can find quiet and space. Weekends are especially busy, but the weekdays bring her calm and a meditative pace. Have enjoyed weekly visits with my mother at her nursing home in Loma Linda. We usually find time to go out to her favorite restaurants, like the IHOP or Marie Callendars. And of recent we've been enjoying old movies from the 30's...the Thin Man series was a popular one for both of us.

It's hard to believe we've past Labor Day already. I even got around to tilting our solar modules recently realizing that the sun is heading south (metaphorically speaking). The temps are still pretty warm here and the SantaAna winds haven't arrived yet (the annual hot winds from the desert); nor has any rain since April. Luckily the native plants have adapted to this condition. Not sure we have yet. Fresh water is still a commodity too often taken for granted, here and probably everywhere. Happy trails for now. Keep in touch...