Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From "where the sun spends the winter", Yuma, AZ

Los Algodones, Mexico streets and signage for dentists and pharmacies

(On our way in, the grey hairs walking to the border...convenient parking on US side provides easy access but ever since the heightened US security efforts, the return walk especially after lunch has increased to at least 1.5 hours in line...guess the drug prescription coverage is lacking and medicare doesn't cover dental work, so we cross over to exploit the cost difference, while the "illegal" immigrant crosses over to exploit the wage difference.)

Arrived a couple of weeks ago to this historic town along the Colorado River. It's lettuce and brocoli and citrus harvest season and the fields are ripe and full of pickers, the roads are full of field transport trucks and the cooling and storage facilities are operating on overtime. We have enjoyed good weather, mild rains and good times with some RVing friends of many years. This area has appealed to many as a "settle in" kind of place, seasonally friendly especially from this years weather woes, with lots of RV parking either out in the public BLM lands around the town, or in the many RV and mobile home parks. We've completed our several visits to Los Algodones, BC, Mexico, the small border town noted for it's dentists and pharmacies. By the way, these aren't being supported by the Mexican nationals, but by the grey hairs from the US and Canada, looking for the prescription drugs and dentures (crowns, implants etc) along with the "authentic" Mexican experience of a margarita with a lunch plate of tacos and beans, then standing for an hour or more waiting to walk back in to US through the newly upgraded border and customs station.
We've decided to stay longer in the Yuma area, largely because Tom will be working and helping out friends in their RV solar electric business. This is high season and they're swamped selling solar modules, system components and installations along with sharing lots of information and advice. It's already appearing as lots of fun and a good way to stay current in an exciting and fast changing industry. Technology has moved along significantly and costs have come down as late as the solar photovoltaic industry ramps up capacity worldwide, and the recession of the same dimensions has dampened demand most recently. This is a great time to invest in the solar modules and systems!
Happy trails and until later...