Friday, May 14, 2010

Southern California again and at long last...

Blame it on Facebook or blame it on the sunshine, blue skies and "the weather", but in any case, we've been absent from these pages for over a month. Nancy says it should be a little update more often. For me, it's a grand narrative when the spirit moves or when times change. But now, after 3 weeks settled in on our lot at Glen Eden near Corona, CA it's time to provide the "little update". After Tucson it was Phoenix/Scottsdale and friends. Then we moved the show on to Prescott for another week of reconnecting, hikes in the Ponderosa pines of the central highlands. Then, it was across the western desert and the Colorado to the familiar and the family in Southern California.

Tom's mom is doing well and was anxious and relieved to have the wanderers back in the area. Same for sister who values the backup and extra help with visits, doctor's appointments and just being here.

As for activities, it's fun to get reconnected here with lot projects here on our new site, backyard composting with Riverside County, gardening next door at Glen Ivy Farms while Nancy finds relief and strengthening from daily "hydrotherapy sessions" at the heated pool.

No pictures today...the blog isn't uploading. More next time...Happy trails!