Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still raining in Miami...

Rain...every day it rains from late morning until late afternoon. We'd somehow forgotten about this small fact of life in subtropical southeast. But given there has been such a drought here for so long, everyone, it appears, is grateful and even excited. Sure could use some of this water in SoCal and AZ, but looks pretty dry out that way. We're still doing well with just a little mold noted between the grows slowly on this dried-out hide:)

Have enjoyed some sightseeing at the MetroZoo and Seaquarium. Hope to get to a few museums and beaches this week along with helping set up Bill's new apartment. Tom managed to try out his aqualungs this week with a pool review of his scuba skills after over 10 years on terrafirma. Now to get out to a reef for a little diving.

Mangoes are still falling from the trees. We've even managed to freeze a few packages. Starting to O.D. on all that fruit, but such a wonderful treat it's been. We enjoyed fresh citrus in CA and AZ and now this...hope to enjoy some peaches as we move north through GA and on to PA for some sweet corn, blueberries and later apples. We do seem to travel with our stomachs driving the bus. Happy trail from along US 1 in south FL...tom and nancy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live from Miami

(Roadside phox and other signs we are in Florida; beautiful springtime roadshow across I-10 & FL)

Woke up this morning, looked out the window and realized that we're no longer in the southwest! A coconut palm out one window and playful squirrels in the live oak tree out the other. There's even a mango orchard next to the entrance here at the Thompson County Park in southwest Miami. Ajusting to the humidity and temps is the big challenge. Second is getting used to the kamikaze drivers around who apparently haven't learned benefit of turn signals or lane integrity! Yes, folks, I'm becoming that geezer I've been practicing to be for some time. Anyway, have already managed to find the Barnes & Noble cafe and partaked of our first lechon asado marinated roast pork), moros y cristianos(black beans and rice mixed) and fried bananas and the first of probably many Cuban restaurants. We begin our explorations today of the city and area after a nice bike ride in this very beautiful county-operated RV park adjacent to the Metro Zoo. Quite appropriate, really.
We're also experiencing intermittent issues with the satellite internet system and may not have regular access as long as the sun is shining and the humidity is high...we think everything has dried out to point that any moisture screws up the transmitter...too much time in the dry desert southwest. Happy trails for now...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tampa area...

Well, we continue to progress down towards our Miami destination but decided to take a day off from driving and stop in the Tampa area at a small RV park Lake Como. Our first day in more than a week of no motorhome driving. But, a large part of day was spent on the phone with Hughesnet Tech Support! Stopped long enough for the satellite internet modem, transmitter or something to malfunction. Fortunately we have wifi access in the we're cyber connected still. Quite an admission of dependence on this new technology even in the simpler, mobile lifestyle. Anyway, not sure how long we'll be offline, but will keep you posted. Our reservation in Miami is for Sunday, so hopefully we'll be up and going then. Until then, happy trails...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Into the land of GREEN!

We crossed the 100th meridian yesterday near Junction, TX, left the west of dry air and blue skies and entered the green lands of central Texas near San Antonio. We'd forgotten the many shades of green available in a watered landscape, like the shades of brown in the desert southwest. We noticed the relative humidity double from 17% to 35% as we made this transition, and now nearing Houston we're at 66% with overcast and drizzle. It's also how we now have all our clothes, linens etc. transformed into "laundry". Time to find an RV park and laundromat. We've enjoyed the many roadside parking overnight spots we've encountered along and near I-10 here in Texas. Today it's on through Houston to Louisiana. Happy trails...

Friday, May 1, 2009

West Texas

Roadrunner atop mesa overlooking Las Cruces, NM
And on closer examination, its a statue made of trash and recycled junk

It was a great time and a wonderful overnight with friends Al, Deanna and Chuck in Tucson. Unfortunately it was shorter than we would have liked, but the road to Miami is long. Left with great expectations for the drive east, but distances, time changes and general over the road fatigue combined for a shorter day than planned and we pooped out at 5pm and only 250miles. Today we made over 350miles and even had a sense of humor and a good walk after. We're in an area referred to as the Permian Basin, a large seabed millions of years ago that is today covered with limestone and dotted with old oil wells in the lowlands and wind electric turbines on the higher mesas. Here on a parallel road to an overnight camping site, we cross the Pecos River. after so many years, we're no longer west of the Pecos! Sweet Dreams and on again tomorrow. Our hope is to get beyond Houston by Sunday night, and there's a lot of Texas to go, so...Happy trails for now.