Friday, August 31, 2007

Counting down the hours

Time is moving quickly and we're still packing, unpacking, repacking and it looks like a lot of stuff for only 2 months, and we could probably buy it there but why pay a 40%premium if we (Tom) can carry it as luggage! Trying to get computer setup and all the wires and gadgets ready and not forget whatever that one critical charger, wire or adapter needed to make all these electronics function that are integrated into our "simple"l ifestyle.

Received word yesterday that there is a firm mortgage committment for the family property in PA and that final closing is scheduled for 6 September. What a relief after so much effort and worry. Really excited that a young couple with kid(s) will be making the house a new home. In fact, Sarah is expecting a child due on closing day the 6th. Needless to say they are excited and anxious to get settled ASAP.

Nancy had her last shot in the knees on Wednesday. SHe's feeling well and as ready as can be. We're both anxious in general, but the long flight over will definitely be a concern for her back and knees and mine, too. Enjoyed a visit with friends on Wednesday night along with 112F temps in the Phoenix area. They've set another record with over 30 days consecutive with temps above 100F!

That's it for now...hope to get another update before we leave Tuesday. We're now cleaning out the pantry, cleaning up the house and preparing to leave it for 2 months. Never done this before...Happy trails and keep in touch, tom and nancy

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