Thursday, September 6, 2007



It’s 36 hours and counting since leaving Phoenix and we’re still going, but not so strong now. Arrived here with the sunrise, after a long and wonderfully none-eventful flight. But we were none to bright for the all nighter & no sleep. Clouds and light rain here, and so much green we observed fields and greenhouses on the approach in from the north. Little issue with immigration and customs folks, collected luggage and stepped aboard the metro train for the15 minute ride to the central rail station downtown. How civilized.

First had to get over the shock that everyone here looked like everyone else we know or see daily in the US except they were talking Netherlander or Dutch. Then we noticed that there were bicycles EVERYWHERE and established lanes separate from car and pedestrians, although there appeared a lot of “overlap” in the small crowded downtown. Bicycles were parked all over and the bikes were, well, just ordinary 1 speed or maybe 3 speed utilitarian bikes. Not fancy and not always well maintained but they were being used! Saw lots of cars with the bikes and vans, but no SUV’s.

Debated the wisdom of a short nap, but decided better to push on to complete exhaustion, then early to bed and hopefully an all night in dreamland, thankful to have crossed the ocean safely and looking forward to tomorrow and picking up our new “home” for the next 2 months.

Can barely see straight so good night

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