Monday, April 27, 2009

Here we go...

Can't believe it's been two weeks. And in that time our plans have changed again. Looks like we're heading out in the morning bound for Miami, Florida to attend to family matters. Ah humidity and's been such a long time! Ah, the warm Atlantic and Keys, ah fried bananas, black beans and lechon too has been a long time.

So, these past days we've been spent readying the RV for the trip...grease, some fluid changes, cleaning out and reordering the basement and making sure the worms are all buckled up for the trip!

Have really enjoyed the time here in the Corona area. Managed to help out with compost and garden project here in the park. Also managed some time in the organic garden nearby at Glen Ivy along with some volunteer work with Riverside Waste Management in their public composting program. Some great hikes and swims...not bad but where did the 2 weeks go?

Also had some time with my mom who's improving a lot since the second surgery for a broken femur. Her attitude and outlook both have improved. Hopefully she'll continue improving and will actually enjoy getting out more. Nancy's adjusting to das "boot". The stiff walking boot to try and heal a badly torn achilles tendon in her right foot. It's been nearly 8 months since the original injury and still shows little improvement. We're going to try a bit of immobility for awhile.

That's it from here...hasta la vista for now folks

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