Saturday, September 5, 2009

Change in scenery expected

We found mold growing in our sun oven due to a preponderance of Pennsylvania precipitation this summer. This just after our article on getting started with solar cooking appeared in the Escapees RV Club magazine! The weather has finally turned blue sky beautiful last but it appears that fall is not far off.

The energy economy of PA's northern tier saw the completion and erection of the first wind turbines on nearby Armenia mountain this month. One of the work crews here at our summer home in Alparon Park is the crane operators responsible for setting these 275' turbine towers and blades in place. Quite a technical skill and quite a new sight clearly visible on the mountain top just west of downtown Troy.

We enjoyed a great night of music with the Texas swing band, Asleep at the Wheel, last night in downtown Towanda at the Keystone Theater, formerly known as the Hale Opera House built in 1886. The arts have received a real boost from the efforts of the Bradford County Regional Arts Council which took on the project of restoring and refurbishing landmark theaters in Towanda, Sayre and Canton, PA. They also bring music, art, theater to the area schools in addition to public performances and first run movies. A great asset for this very rural area of the northeast.

Tomorrow I'm flying west to SoCal again to visit and assist my mother who's been having some serious health difficulties lately. My sister needs a hand while we begin to look for alternative living arrangements in addition to preparing for surgery in the shortrun. It's difficult to project the outcome, but it's what's necessary now. Happy trails and more later...

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