Friday, January 22, 2010

Now that was a rain!

Thought we had returned to NE Pennsylvania this past week. The rain, cold temps for here (in 40s) and grey skies certainly made it feel like our old home place. The winds were out of place as these howlers came down the canyons and 50+mph gusts were certainly a change. Had snow all over the SanBernardino mountains with many areas closed due to 4'+ of new snow in just a few days. Needless to say we've had to resort to our generator as the solar modules couldn't keep up with the nearly opaque skies. Of course our electrical usage was only marginally impacted since we knew the propane tank was full and the generator needed to be "exercised". Our plans to leave for the desert and friends got sidetracked as the weather was to be the same or worse, and out there, near Quartzsite, AZ, there wasn't any hot tub, heated pool, showers or Barnes and Noble. SO, we suffered a bit longer here.
(After the rains, this morning our first day of sun in over 5 days! Tough once you're used to it)
We did have a leak, our first in many years and the worst ever in the motorhome and of course while the rains poured it was hard to find the source...maybe when we get a bit dried out we'll have better luck. It flooded the passenger front seat floor, but not the walls or ceiling. Suspect it to be in the window frame. Will have to pull up carpet to get it dry, too. Not looking forward to this. But, grateful that we had our larder full and thankful for the fresh picked Navel oranges from next door at Glen Ivy hot springs. It's nice having the farm and orchard just 2 miles away, and Trader Joes just 5...

We finally got everything together by 3pm to leave today, Saturday, bound for Yuma and the dentist in Los Algodones, BC, Mexico. Don't really know why it took so long, but managed a nice hike over the hill along USFS property overlooking our little canyon. Enjoyed the smells that fresh rains bring to these normally dry areas. Noticed a dusting of snow on the nearby Santa Ana range and a lot of sheet erosion, but not enough to spoil the walk. Said goodbye to the folks here. BTW, we bought a lot here and look forward to spending more time in the sunshine and in SoCal in the future. Not enough to stop traveling, but enough to have a place to clean out the basement and leave a bunch of stuff we carry but don't use much. Also, a regular place for Ms. Nancy to get her much needed swimming exercise. And, there will be lots of garden and building to keep me busy, too.

We made it to Indio tonight and are enjoying the freeway sounds along I-10 at the scenic parking lot of the Spotlight 29 Casino. Bobby Vinton is playing tonight and we don't have any tickets. And so it goes. Tomorrow on to Yuma...

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