Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still raining in Miami...

Rain...every day it rains from late morning until late afternoon. We'd somehow forgotten about this small fact of life in subtropical southeast. But given there has been such a drought here for so long, everyone, it appears, is grateful and even excited. Sure could use some of this water in SoCal and AZ, but looks pretty dry out that way. We're still doing well with just a little mold noted between the grows slowly on this dried-out hide:)

Have enjoyed some sightseeing at the MetroZoo and Seaquarium. Hope to get to a few museums and beaches this week along with helping set up Bill's new apartment. Tom managed to try out his aqualungs this week with a pool review of his scuba skills after over 10 years on terrafirma. Now to get out to a reef for a little diving.

Mangoes are still falling from the trees. We've even managed to freeze a few packages. Starting to O.D. on all that fruit, but such a wonderful treat it's been. We enjoyed fresh citrus in CA and AZ and now this...hope to enjoy some peaches as we move north through GA and on to PA for some sweet corn, blueberries and later apples. We do seem to travel with our stomachs driving the bus. Happy trail from along US 1 in south FL...tom and nancy


Sean said...

So how long are you going to be down there and you mentioned coming this way, is there a time line? Would love to get a chance to see you guys

ourbusandus said...

You two are looking good! Sorry about all the rain, even I don't remember it raining that much when we lived in Orlando in the early 90's and I don't think we were having a drought at the time. Hopefully, you'll be able to leave soon and head north where it's not so humid. But, sounds like amid all that rain, you are still having a good time and eating good!

Hugs, Sharon & Ron