Friday, May 1, 2009

West Texas

Roadrunner atop mesa overlooking Las Cruces, NM
And on closer examination, its a statue made of trash and recycled junk

It was a great time and a wonderful overnight with friends Al, Deanna and Chuck in Tucson. Unfortunately it was shorter than we would have liked, but the road to Miami is long. Left with great expectations for the drive east, but distances, time changes and general over the road fatigue combined for a shorter day than planned and we pooped out at 5pm and only 250miles. Today we made over 350miles and even had a sense of humor and a good walk after. We're in an area referred to as the Permian Basin, a large seabed millions of years ago that is today covered with limestone and dotted with old oil wells in the lowlands and wind electric turbines on the higher mesas. Here on a parallel road to an overnight camping site, we cross the Pecos River. after so many years, we're no longer west of the Pecos! Sweet Dreams and on again tomorrow. Our hope is to get beyond Houston by Sunday night, and there's a lot of Texas to go, so...Happy trails for now.

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