Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's finally Florida

Arrived today amidst another rain, only this time it appeared more as steam. Humidity at 90+ and temps in low 80's. What happened to fall? Managed a long day of driving and following bikers en route to the BikerFest in Daytona Beach. No RV camping within 50miles so had to drive on. Presently near Titusville and Cape Canaveral area again after 350+ mile day. (That's a very long day for us RVers, especially when we have to start at the crack of 10am!) Arrived to set up and found our internet GPS system had failed so worked on work around for awhile and got it operational. Our satellite system is what keeps us connected, though I sometimes wonder at its cosmic worth...Took a walk and managed to step on some fire ants in the dark (and was bit several times before remembering where I was and what the pain might be from). AND, while the northeast is preparing for snow, it's back to air conditioning here as it feels like a fetid swamp. Hey, maybe that's what it really is.

On to Miami in the morning. Ah, family...

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