Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A rainy drive

A long day in the driver's seat with rain an all day companion as we descended from the high western NC mountains to the near sea level along I-95 near St George, SC. We had a brief exploration of Spartanburg, SC when we spotted a COSTCO near the I-26 freeway. We saw an ramp exit close by but we took wrong turn and ended up miles away. Even stopped to ask directions, thought we were heading off right again when the fellow who helped (and who gave me a Jesus tape and prayed me well) out came flying by us in his pickup and signaled for us to follow. It appears he failed to tell us of a critical right turn away from the railroad tracks, not over them as he told me! Since we're about 55 feet long and don't bend in the middle easily, it was a bit hairy finding someplace to turn around and get rerouted. Well, another 3 miles or so he delivered us almost to the Costco door. He then turned his truck around, waved, smiled and drove off. Great fellow. We did our bit of shopping, mostly cheeses, then moved on back to the interstate. Noted all the kudzu growing in the middle elevations over trees and bushes. Understand that it's quite an invasive species in this region. It's supposed to be edible and used quite a bit in Japanese cooking. Too bad it's not better promoted as a free, nutritious green here. Or maybe it'd be better to "forbid" it to be picked so that folks might be tempted to defy and have at it. "Make it forbidden and they will come" sort of logic. Better yet, start a campaign to promote it as an "aphrodisiac" or a "natural male enhancement" like some of the TV ads regularly seen. Lots of thoughts while driving in an all day rain. Happy trails...

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