Saturday, June 6, 2009

And it's still raining

Please don't get the idea that we're obsessed with the rain. We try not to be, but it appears our days revolve around a little sunshine in the early morning, then wondering how much and when rains will begin. Even now our little Prius is still at the Toyota dealership "drying out" and having seats and carpet removed after we were flooded out yesterday afternoon after 9" of rain fell in 2 hours out on Miami Beach! We were at Bill's apartment with car parked out on the street when it hit= the lightening and thunder, the winds and then the rain. We had just arrived when the storm hit with now reported over 100 lightening strikes in that short time. Sounded like bombs going off everyplace. Quite a freaky event...very intense.

BTW, the picture above is after the rains had stopped and the water had gone down. I had to go barefoot, pants rolled up to get my "rain sandals" and camera from the car. Actually, water level was above door bottom, and the not so water resistant doorseal.

Spent 3 hours at dealership today as all commercial water removal companies failed to return our calls. Must be they were busier with bigger deals than our little Prius. We're really concerned about mildews and molds since those are Nancy's known allergens, and no amount of my shamwow activity was getting at the water underneath the carpet liner. Dealership was pretty busy, but with regular weekenders getting general service work done. Interesting was the mix of technological activity in the waiting room ranging from books & big screen tv to IPhones, texting, IPods and even free wifi...but the free coffee wasn't that great!

Can't pick up car until Monday. Thankful that it looks like it will work out well inspite of the $$ and hassle...check out if you want to see some of the other storm happenings about 4 blocks from our location. We're really begining to miss the desert southwest! happy trails, tom and nancy

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ourbusandus said...

Hi there, sorry about the weather, after all this rain, they shouldn't have to worry about drought conditions for awhile. Must be strange dealing with all that water, after hanging out in the southwest for so long. Too bad they can't pipe all that water out here to the west...When you headed out of there?

Hugs, Sharon & Ron