Saturday, June 20, 2009

Achieving escape velocity

Well, looks like we're on our way again after nearly 6 weeks in the Miami area we're northbound. Hard to leave the food and all those mangos behind, but it was time. Plan to be back in September anyway, so great opportunity to enjoy the rain and cold of NE Pennsylvania.

Made it as far as Cape Canaveral where we hoped for an opportunity to observe the rescheduled shuttle launch. We found a great RV park at Manatee Hammock County Park located just across the causeway from the Kennedy Space Center and only 8 miles or so from the launch pad. Great location and open view across the Indian River to where it was all happening...or at least scheduled to happen. The launch was scheduled for 5:35am, 17 June and we were ready. Early to bed, alarm set...then a phone call at midnight. Wrong number from Phoenix! Back to sleep, sort of. Finally, no sleep and back up at 3am to check countdown status via the internet. Oh no! Mission scrubbed as hydrogen leak again detected. Great Scott. Back to bed and sleep again. Well, not to say the whole trip was for naught, enjoyed the Space Center, tour, exhibits and museums. And another launch the next day of the Lunar Recon Vehicle so why not stay another day? And we did. Nice time to explore scenic downtown Titusville and environs as well as return to the Space Center. Clouds were building throughout the day and a nasty thunderstorm was building from the west...even some lightning and a bit of rain. Great! Well the short of the story is that the Atlas V rocket eventually did go, on the last launch window of the day. It wasquite an experience as we saw the ship lift off with large plume and flame, and about 30 or so seconds later came the roar and rumble. We've been told that the shuttle launch would have been many times more powerful. Wow! Now, there's the small matter of schedule and how to get there again.

As for now, we're well along the road north. Tonight near Richmond, VA and tomorrow on to the Washington, DC metro area on the VA side for visit and dinner with Nancy's cousin, a quick visit to TraderJoe's and on to PA for doctor's visit for Ms.Nancy. Her injured achilles tendon has not improved over the past 8 months and has become quite painful and debilitating. Time to deal with it and hopefully we'll be able to attend it well while visiting our old home area of Troy, PA. More later on ... Happy trails

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ourbusandus said...

We're glad to hear you're finally able to move on. Rain and cooler weather will definitely be welcomed and hopefully, the weather will get better up north. Watching a space shuttle launch is the ultimate! Granted we were 60 miles away, from Orland, but, still...maybe you can catch one on your way back to Florida in Sept.

Hugs, Sharon & Ron