Sunday, June 28, 2009

In the hills of PA

Well, we've made it back to where we began our nomadic lifestyle nearly 17 years ago. We've changed and so has the old home place. We're presently parked at Alparon Park, our local fairground in Troy, PA off US Rte 14 & US Rte 6. We're on what we call "pipeline alley" along with the 5the wheelers working in the newly discovered natural gas fields. This strike is considered one of the largest in the country and should bring prosperity and problems for years to come. The area won't be the same and that's the way change happens, I guess.

Had a good trip north along US I-95 to greater Washington area. A quick trip to TraderJoes, and a dinner with Nancy's cousin, a quick visit to her parents graves and on through along I-81, US 15 then US 14.

We're looking forward to a month or so in the area visiting our ever-dwindling family and making the rounds with old and new friends. There are a couple of weddings on the agenda, music and the annual Troy Fair, along with some visits to far away and exotic places like Ithica, NY and Moosewood to perhaps some camping and even kayaking. There's lots of water here and more comes almost every day! I'd forgotten about this area's summer rains, even though Ms. Nancy has reminded many, many times. Happy trails...


Sean said...

The rain just keeps coming this year. It is sure taking its toll on the garden as it does not know what to do. Hope we get to see you guys sometime.

ourbusandus said...

Hi there, glad to see you finally made it out of hot, humid Miami. It should be a little cooler there, but, probably still humid. We're having fun in Yellowstone and saw Betty Prange yesterday for a little while.

Hugs, Sharon & Ron