Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back in the 'hood

We're still traveling but have made great progress and are now back in AZ, a lot longer a trip than we remember from May and a lot faster than we originally planned. That's 2400miles to date and another 400 to go. That's a lot of carbon kharma. Will have to sit tight awhile...but we wanted to make it to SoCal and Christmas with my 85 y.o. mother and baby sister and family. So...away we went. Rain and humidity all the way to SanAntonio area. Laid over 3 nights in Beaumont,TX due to winds, rain and fatigue. Managed a visit to Barnes and Noble, dinner out and then back on the road. Took the scenic lower US90 across Texas. BTW, it's still over 500miles across from SanAnto to El Paso in case you wondered.

(Our little home looking across West Texas; hard work for the Prius to push that big motorhome!)
Managed leisurely driving at average 6 hours/day and with motorhome that's plenty for us. Managed an overnight in Del Rio, TX and included a walk over the RioGrande river to Mexico for a reconnoiter and a few Rx drugs. Nothing like a walk over a long bridge and through a desperately poor town on a day of overcast and drizzle. Tourism was really down and a number of pharmacies and dentists office looked permanently closed and the "medical" tourism was down as well. Our economy may be in difficulty but theirs is in disaster.

Spent several nights parked along the roadside as it is acceptable to overnight in picnic and roadside rest areas out west, and very much UNlike in the east where only an RV park in authorized for overnights. We also stayed in Elks Lodge parking areas, Walmarts lots and in front of friends houses. Such is the nomads' life.

Went out with friends last night to Anti-Defamation League program on "Hate and Intolerance". Very interesting Independent Lens produced documentary on the history of Indian boarding schools and the prevalent philosophy of "killing the Indian and saving the man or woman". The efforts all appeared Christian-motivated and well-intentioned. There were many Native peoples in the audience who after the film, shared their personal experiences or those of their parents or grandparents. Quite a moving evening. What was most clear was the corruption of innocence, abuse and insensitivity
(Chihuahuan desert near Willcox, AZ-yuccas)

endured from otherwise well-meaning people. It was also clear that absent these type of people, the predominant national feeling was to simply "exterminate the savages". Their were a lot of tears and heartfelt hurt displayed. Also brought up was the parallels with attitudes today towards immigrants, Muslims, gays and other groups. Unfortunately there were only 50 to 75 people in attendance.

Will enjoy our time with friends in Phoenix area and head out soon for SoCal and family there. Happy trails.

(New tombstone for youngest of Earp Brothers who was reported to be a hot head and drunk who met his maker in Willcox, AZ after 1 bar fight too many)

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