Thursday, December 31, 2009

A blue moon new year's wish

Greetings from clear and chilly we approach the arrival of 2010 we're fading in resolve to see the new year in. Music from a live band can be heard nearby but without tickets, there's no entry for us. No matter, this park and it's trails, pools and hot tub have been restful after our long trip west. We can do without the dancing tonight, and we may even stay up long enough to hear the shouts and cheers for the new year. And if not, we'll still have our resolutions for the new year and decade tomorrow morning. More music, movies and mindless fun for least for me as I leave my 50's. More serious resolutions are also on the list, too. Now to see how to make it happen...our best to all for a happy, prosperous and fulfilling new year.


ourbusandus said...

Are you coming out to Yuma or Quartzsite? We are currently sitting in the Thaden's driveway in the Foothills, but, will be headed to Q next week until the end of the month, then, off to Rocky Point for a week with a few other Boomers, then, back to Yuma until we head out for the summer.

Hugs, Sharon & Ron

the tom and nancy roadshow said...

Hi folks...yes we hope to get to Q around 19th or so and then to dentist in Algodones with appt on 25th. Hope to see you in either place...hugs, tom and nancy

Sean said...

Hope all is well and the weather starts to get better. Around here the first nice days are starting to show up, it is nice to get some sun again.