Monday, December 28, 2009

What happened to Christmas

Well, we did make it all the way to southern CA for the holidays. Had an extra day between Phoenix and Yucaipa due to a wind/sandstorm that hit us at the Colorado River. We decided to pull over in scenic Desert Center for the evening to let it pass. We still had a head wind the next day but without the sand and visability issues. Great as always to see the wind turbines through Banning Pass just west of Palm Springs dancing in the breeze.

Arrived at my sister's house and settled in to getting ready for the holidays. Went to bed early to be ready for Christmas Eve and finalizing gifts, wrappings and arrangements. We did a big dinner out at my mom's favorite restaurant, Marie Callendars and we all went home stuffed and contented. Around 5am my stuffed contentment became too much to contain and full scale stomach flu-virus erupted! What a day, Christmas Day, my memories are dim. I recall up close and personal with every toilet in the area right on through the evening. Had no stomach for food and only by 6pm was I able to take in some peppermint tea. Any semblance of appetite didn't return until Sunday, and even then only mildly so. It was a postcard Christmas dinner with the turkey, ham, cranberries, yams, etc and "auntie" Linda's trifle. (Bro-inlaw Bruce's sister). I could only look at the food and plates all set, smell briefly and quickly exit the room...but life got better on Saturday, a little, and Sunday pretty much back to normal. But, my sweetie, Ms. Nancy, now had the virus full force and was suffering equally with the same symptoms. Poor Baby...So we continue to improve and will again soon be out and about. Happy trails and Happy New Year!

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Betty Prange, Nomad, from somewhere on the road said...

At least you were not in an hourly, sleezy room in Patzcauro. Not that such bugs are ever nice.
HOpe next Christmas is even better. Speaking from experience, hitting 60 is not a bad place to be.