Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rolling through north Florida

We made the departure and have logged nearly 500 miles so far. Our first day took us across the drained everglades and now sugar cane fields around the south and east ends of Lake Ockechobee. Many of these lands are scheduled to be removed from cane production and reverted to the flowing "river of grass". Today we drove through the citrus regions of central Florida and on into the pine forest regions of the north central region. We're in Perry, FL tonight along rte. 19 and home of the forest products industry based on the longleaf pine cultivation and processing. Spent the early part of last night fighting with my 9 year old printer which spilled ink everywhere, including the center of the bedspread! What a mess, including my hands and clothes. The printer has been banished to the basement, and may just have to go. Haven't exactly figured out what happened, but appears to be the overspray reservoir overflowed after all these years. Later, we had a fitful sleep waiting out a hard wind and rain which left our motorhome in a sea of water. Must say I was expecting to need a pullout this morning from the sandy soil where we were parked. But, sand also means good drainage, and no problems upon exit. Not much to say for my sleep deficit but hope for a more peaceful slumber tonight.

Forgot to mention the trip to the Florida Railroad Museum while in Miami. Enjoyed seeing the many displays of locomotives, Pullman sleeping cars, passenger cars and even FDR's own personal car.

This diesel locomotive ran the line originally through to Key West, and may have been on the line for the original "Orange Blossom Special."

As a sign of those times through the 1950's the second photo reminds us of the way it used to be in a significant part of the country. Seating, sleeping and eating arrangements were also "separate" and not equal...

Happy trails and hope to move along to Alabama tomorrow...

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